Welfare Unit Hire: Why Is It Important?

Welfare Unit with facilities for site workers

Why Are Welfare Units Important for Construction Sites?

If you operate a busy construction site or use portable facilities for roadside businesses, then it’s important to ensure that your staff and guests are properly catered for and are comfortable in their environment. One of the most effective ways to do this is through welfare unit hire.

A welfare unit is a step above the traditional portable toilet. These units can not only encompass toilet facilities, but also offer showers, hot running water and additional hospitality areas to keep your employees happy and comfortable throughout their working day.

Mobile welfare unit hire can help any business as it allows you to increase productivity across the site, maintain hygiene standards and gives the responsibility of maintenance back to the hiring company.

Employee Well Being

Alongside the wealth of benefits that welfare unit hire has, it can also show that you’re a great employer. Looking after the wellbeing of your staff is incredibly important and will foster a better work ethic in your employees as they feel more valued. Providing a little extra to the standard toilet facilities, such as hot running water, shower facilities and a place to sit and eat their lunch, will give them a morale boost. 

Employee Productivity

Employees who have access to a welfare unit are known to be more productive. This is because they don’t need to go off site for adequate break facilities. Because you’re also catering to your employee’s needs, they’re much more likely to be dedicated to their role, meaning they’ll put in more effort in the workplace too.

Health and Safety

In any workplace, health and safety is paramount. Making sure your facilities are clean means that your employees are happy in their environment and that they don’t become sick from unsanitary facilities. Adequate places to wash their hands with clean and hot running water can make all the difference. Showers are also a great way to maintain cleanliness on the site as people can shower before travelling home, meaning their uniforms are only used during the working day. This prevents any potentially dangerous materials from getting transported home.

Welfare unit hire gives you a good reputation as an employer and also helps your absence rates. If your employees are healthy, you’ll experience less sickness, therefore a higher productivity rate and a better standard of work.

Thistle Tanks offer a range of welfare units for construction sites to perfectly cater to workers’ needs. Their welfare unit design can be tailored to both men and women, utilising urinals and cubicles and can combine shower and washing facilities too. Their extra effluent tank services also provide a hygienic option for long term portable use without the constant requirement to empty the toilets, giving you a cost saving option.If you’re responsible for managing a construction site or workforce and would like more information or advice regarding restroom facilities, contact Thistle Tanks today for friendly and helpful support. If you already have a welfare unit on your site, we also offer welfare tank emptying services.