Why a Welfare Unit is Essential in the Transport Industry

Welfare Unit on a building site

It’s largely well known that if you run a construction site, you have a legal duty to ensure your workers have somewhere to feel comfortable and rest when needed, but fewer people are aware of the uses of a welfare unit in the transport sector. 

In this article, we’re going to cover why a welfare unit is an essential facet within the travel and transport industry and guide you through how to hire one. 

Welfare Units: How are They Used in the Transport Industry? 

Transport workers often work long hours away from home and don’t always have ready access to somewhere to shower, use the toilet, prepare food, or rest. As you know, it’s a legal requirement for drivers to take regular breaks, and these breaks provide the ideal opportunity for them to get clean and have a meal.

Unfortunately, that’s not always possible with brick and mortar facilities, but this is where welfare units come in. A welfare unit is a facility that provides workers within blue collar industries with a place to shower, use the toilet, wash their hands, get clean drinking water, and rest when needed. They’re essential for maintaining good hygiene and allowing adequate rest between shifts.  

A Welfare Unit is a Rest Area

By law, drivers in the UK cannot drive for more than five hours and 30 minutes without a break. The rules vary depending on UK domestic and EU laws, but general practice is that every four and a half hours, a 45-minute break must be taken. During this break it’s important for drivers to properly rest so they can stay alert on the road. Welfare units provide warm shelter and somewhere to rest when needed, away from the vehicle. 

Thistle Tanks welfare unit in situ on a construction site.

Washing Facilities

Transport workers often have to do manual labour in the form of lifting and moving goods. These items are often dirty, resulting in unclean clothes. No one likes to feel dirty, so it’s important drivers have somewhere to get clean. Unfortunately, due to the nature of driving, wash facilities are few and far between. This is where a welfare unit comes in.

Get Clean Drinking Water in a Welfare Unit

Everyone needs access to clean drinking water at all times, regardless of occupation. The transport industry is no different. Welfare units often contain kitchenettes where fresh, clean water is available. This is all the more important on hot days when drivers may be sat in hot vehicles. They will be particularly vulnerable to dehydration which can be serious. 

Changing Rooms and Lockers

Keeping goods and personal items in a vehicle isn’t safe or secure, so it’s vital that your crew members have somewhere to keep their belongings. Welfare units often have lockers which allow workers to store their items without fear of losing them.

Welfare Unit Emptying at Thistle Tanks

Every welfare unit needs to be emptied and cleaned on a regular basis. If you need a welfare unit providing and emptying, we can help. Contact us to find out more about our welfare unit emptying in Leicester.