The Definitive Collection of What Can Go Wrong with a Septic Tank

Septic Tank Problems

Septic Tanks: Problematic When Not Pumped 

A septic tank is essentially an on-site sewage treatment facility for properties not connected to the sewage network. Situated underground, the system is hidden out of sight and disposes of wastewater from toilets and other facilities.

When working as intended, septic tanks offer a workable solution to a difficult problem. However, the system is inherently flawed as it’s not possible to automate, which means regular maintenance is necessary to ensure the proper removal of wastewater.

In this blog post, we outline the problems owners may face over the lifetime of their septic tank installation. Many of these issues can be resolved by regular tank emptying and pumping to ensure the system stays in peak condition.

Potential Issues With Neglected Tanks

When there is a strong odour coming from the area around the septic tank, backed-up water overflowing the toilets and sinks, or contaminated discharge flooding into the drainage area, it is likely caused by a neglected septic tank.

Below, we highlight some of the main causes of these common issues:

  • Degradation of the tank — Over time, the efficiency of a septic tank will be vastly reduced without regular maintenance. This can lead to inadequate drainage, odours, and overspills. To keep the tank working properly, it needs to be emptied regularly. Frequent pumping and emptying of the waste will improve the lifespan of the tank.
  • Environmental damage —The location of the septic tank is a major factor to consider. Environmental harm from trees, weeds, and plant roots increases the risk of injury and will eventually damage pipes, leading to wastewater leaking from the tank. Owners should ensure regular ground maintenance to limit the risk as much as possible.
  • A collapsed baffle or dip pipe — A collapsed baffle or broken dip pipe prevents septic tanks from adequately treating solid waste and turning it into liquid waste. The main cause of these issues is substandard tank emptying. By having the tank pumped regularly by an experienced professional, these issues can be largely avoided.
  • Movement of the surrounding ground — Ground movement is a serious issue for septic tank owners. Even slight movement in the surrounding ground can lead to cracks forming and groundwater leakage. While steps can be taken to limit cracks in the tank by use of interior lining, in some cases, it is advisable to replace the tank rather than undertaking a full repair.

Don’t Neglect your Tank with Thistle Tanks Septic Tank Pumping

Neglected tanks are likely to cause all kinds of practical wastewater drainage and environmental problems over time. Regular tank pumping is therefore vital to ensure the longevity and safety of septic tank systems.

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