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Welfare Unit Emptying: What’s Included in Our Service

vacuum trucks with Thistle Tanks logo

Welfare unit waste emptying is the process of removing waste from an effluent or septic tank to transport it to a dedicated disposal site. The service itself is rather simple but incredibly important. Our service includes reliable and friendly communication, the ability to create a flexible schedule for waste collection and a full and comprehensive […]

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Welfare Unit Emptying: 8 Reasons To Choose Thistle Tanks

Welfare unit in situ on a construction site

Thistle Tanks is a welfare unit emptying service with decades of experience, conforming to the highest standards to ensure a clean, safe environment for each client. If you need to empty tanks used for your toilet facilities, canteen cabin or welfare unit, Thistle Tanks can do so safely, efficiently and ethically. To ensure the most […]

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Common Types of Septic Tank Systems

2 black septic tankss that are placed in a large whole in the ground both next to each other

Moving into a home that requires a septic tank for waste can be a daunting prospect, especially if it’s not something that you’re used to. However, using a septic tank can actually have some benefits and they aren’t difficult to maintain. It’s important to understand the different types of septic tanks to help you maintain […]

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